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Fallacies -> Matching Names to Definitions 1 Quiz

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/ Test your ability to recognise different biases with the following Quiz, with each fallacy being from the following list:

Fallacy of the Excluded Middle / Assuming the Antecedent / Cum Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc / Fallacies of Composition and Division / Fallacy of Single Cause / Dope Pushers Defense / Ad Hominem / Fallacy of Accident / Ad Ignorantiam / Fallacy of False Balance / Fallacist’s Fallacy / Ad Populum / Circular Reasoning

Question 1

He is a well-known cheat and liar. Therefore when he says someone lurking about outside it is clearly not true.

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Question 2

Birds can fly. Penguins are birds. So penguins can fly.

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Question 3

No one has objected to the proposal despite it having been on the notice board for the past week, therefore nobody is against the proposal and we should proceed.

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Question 4

‘As everyone knows …’, or ‘Obviously …’

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Question 5

Blaming foreigners, or gypsies, or people with funny accents for all sorts of things simply because they are there.

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Question 6

The economy is improving therefore everyone is better off; each member of the team is an expert therefore the output from the team will be brilliant; some people are abusing some particular system therefore the system should be scrapped.

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Question 7

If I don’t do it, someone else will.

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Question 8

If you’re not with us, then you’re against us.

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Question 9

There are different views therefore all views are equally valid. Some scientists believe man is responsible for climate change and some don’t. Therefore there is no good reason for believing in it.

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Question 10

The assumption that because we find a fallacy in an argument that the conclusion is therefore false.

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Question 11

The view that something is true because it is what most people believe.

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Question 12

The argument that women shouldn’t fight bulls because a bullfighter is and should be a man.

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Question 13

Where it is assumed there must be a particular cause to a given outcome rather than accepting there may be a combination of multiple causes, no one on its own which would have brought about the outcome. Children are overweight because of junk food restaurants close to schools.

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