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Cognitive Biases -> Name that Bias Quiz

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Question 1

The belief that we are less prone to biases than most other people.

a. Belief Bias
b. Blind Spot Bias
c. Egocentric Bias

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Question 2

Over 90% of drivers rate themselves as better than average.

a. Control Bias
b. The Halo Effect Bias
c. Overconfidence Bias

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Question 3

People often see their role in things as more prominent than they actually were.

a. Personal Validation Bias
b. Egocentric Bias
c. Recall Bias

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Question 4

Significantly underplaying the seriousness of extreme situations

a. Normalcy Bias
b. Optimism Bias
c. Overconfidence Bias

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Question 5

The tendency to see two items as more dissimilar when evaluating them together than when evaluating them separately

a. Recall Bias
b. Familiarity Bias
c. Distinction Bias

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Question 6

When we look at a situation from a particular viewpoint and fail to recognize there are other viewpoints

a. Omission Bias
b. Framing Bias
c. Familiarity Bias

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Question 7

The tendency to overestimate how much other people agree with us.

a. Base Rate Bias
b. Conservativism Bias
c. False consensus Bias

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Question 8

We see ourselves as flexible and responsive to circumstances but see others as fixed in their ways.

a. Actor-Observer Bias
b. Attribution Bias
c. Blind Spot Bias

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Question 9

People tend to notice risks or threats more readily than they notice opportunities.

a. Negativity Bias
b. Pessimism Bias
c. Choice Supportive Bias

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Question 10

A tendency to view a person or thing favorably, or unfavorably, based on a single incident or trait.

a. Omission Bias
b. Recall Bias
c. Halo Effect Bias

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